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The Moroccan government announced on Tuesday the lifting of the national curfew in force since the first months of the pandemic in 2020 due to "the improvement of the epidemiological situation" in the kingdom.

The government of Morocco has declared that the national curfew will be lifted thanks to "the improvement of the epidemiological situation" of the country and to "positive results achieved within the framework of the national vaccination campaign". It had been in effect since the first months of the pandemic in 2020.

On the other hand, the anti-Covid vaccine pass, launched on October 21, remains mandatory for traveling abroad and accessing all enclosed places: hotels, cafes and restaurants, cinema, sports halls and hammams, but also administrations. While a large majority of the population is participating in the vaccination campaign, the compulsory nature of this pass raises protests in the streets and on social networks.

The Moroccan authorities have also decided to re-authorize travel between prefectures and provinces "without the presentation of any document", and the organization of funerals and parties.

These decisions will be published regularly in the light of the evolution of the health situation, however warns a press release of all the relaxation of the measures and by the MAP press agency.

Nearly 15,000 deaths recorded

The circulation of the virus has slowed down significantly for several weeks in Morocco. In total, nearly 950,000 cases, including 14,726 deaths, have been recorded since the start of screening in March 2020, according to the official report published on Tuesday.

The country is counting on its vaccination campaign to stem the pandemic: more than 24 million people (out of 36 million inhabitants) received the first dose of the vaccine and some 22.3 million the second.

The government accelerated its vaccination campaign in early October for a third dose in order to strengthen collective immunity. 1.5 million people vaccinated, primarily vulnerable people and frontline workers, received it.

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