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If "the biggest event ever organized in the Arab world" will not be held until October 20, the emirate must face the global epidemic of Covid-19 far from being controlled. The sites are progressing

The coronavirus threat hangs over the construction sites of the future Dubai 2020 universal exhibition. If, its promoters swear, what should be "the biggest event ever organized in the Arab world" will only be held from October 20 until April 10, 2021, the emirate must face the epidemic Covid-19 world far from being mastered.

So far, no less than 27 cases of coronavirus have been reported by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates, whose cycling tour had to be interrupted. The authorities want to be reassuring, however. “The specialized teams at Expo 2020 have considerable experience in the health, safety and security of people and facilities during events of this magnitude. They work alongside government agencies to ensure that Expo 2020 is no exception, "say the UAE authorities.

15 million visitors expected

Despite the good performance expected by the organizers, Dubai 2020 should not break the records, however. The emirate expects 25 million visits in six months and about 15 million unique visitors, when the Montreal Universal Exhibition had gathered 50 million visitors in six months. The Osaka, Japan Exhibition had done even better, with 64 million visitors over such a long period.

But in the history of world exhibitions, it is Shanghai 2010 which holds the record to date. The economic capital of China has panicked all the counters, welcoming 73 million visitors to a gigantic site covering 523 hectares and with more than 240 participants. However, this last figure should be put into perspective because, as the International Exhibitions Bureau reminds us, it mixes the participation of countries and international organizations. One thing is certain, Dubai will not do better for the first universal exhibition organized in the Middle East.

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