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After Franky Zapata, it's Vince Reffet's turn to prove that France has no shortage of engineering talent. Reffet broke an altitude record by flying over the city of Dubai over 1,800 meters above the ground in a jetpack.

A few months ago, the Frenchman Franky Zapata impressed the world by achieving the feat of flying over the English Channel on a flyboard. Today, another Frenchman has decided to follow in his footsteps by setting a world altitude record, but this time using a jetpack.

Vince Reffet is a real enthusiast who managed to make a homemade jetpack with which he managed to conquer the sky for a few minutes. It was in February 2020, during the World Expo 2020 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), that Reffet took flight at the controls of its flying wing from the Skydive Dubai runway. The aircraft allowed him to fly over the city quickly because he can reach a top speed of 400 km / h. What really impressed the audience was when Reffet and his jetpack managed to soar high into the sky, at a dizzying height of 1,800 meters above the ground, in just thirty seconds!

Then when he descended to 1,500 meters above sea level, Vince Reffet deployed his parachute for a soft landing. "We are so happy to have made this incredible flight. "Proudly declared the Frenchman who now bears the well-deserved nickname of" Jetman "(L’homme avion). "It is the result of an extremely thorough teamwork where each small step has produced huge results. Everything was planned for a split second and I was delighted by the progress that was made. "


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