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Ile aux Aigrettes is a small (27 ha) island situated in the Mahebourg Bay, about 850 m off the south-east coast of Mauritius. Unlike the mainland which is of volcanic origin, Ile aux Aigrettes is made up of coralline limestone. It is home to the last remnants of dry coastal forest, once found around most of Mauritius.

Like the mainland, Ile aux Aigrettes was affected by tree logging and land clearance, and the introduction of exotic animal and plant species almost destroyed the native fauna and flora. In 1965 the island was declared a nature reserve and our intense conservation efforts have resulted in the restoration of the forest and reintroduction of rare species that had long since disappeared from the island.

Visitors to the island are encouraged and can take part in one of the tour options:

  1. A standard ecotour provides a guided trail around the sites of interest on the island, lasting approx. 1.5 to 2 hours, with a short boat trip to and from the island.

  2. A tailor-made tours can be booked in advance to cater for any special interests that you might have, such as photography or birdwatching, for example.

  3. Primary and secondary school pupils can visit the island under a specially designed Learning with Nature programme.

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