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The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) is exploring new markets with high potential for the revival of the sector. Countries like Israel, Portugal and even Africa are urgently to be conquered.

The Moroccan National Tourist Office is interested in international tourists from Africa, Israel and Portugal which represent markets with high potential, reports Today Morocco, stressing that, for this revival, tourism professionals recognized seize the windfall represented by the resumption of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel. Prospecting, market study… are on the program to seize the most promising opportunities in this market. In numbers, the publication says, Israeli tourism to the world represents 8.47 million travelers in 2019 out of a population of around 9 million, $ 9.76 billion spent and the number of trips on the rise ( average annual growth of 13% in 5 years).

Although qualified as classic, Portugal does not count for negligible quantity in the eyes of the ONMT, which, for this relaunch, intends to work for a better knowledge of the behavior of its tourists and their mode of consumption, in order to adapt and strengthen offers, and thus boost the Morocco destination.

On the side of the African continent, with more than a billion individuals, with an increasingly active youth and a large middle class, only 4% of tourists currently enter Morocco. Thus, within the framework of this revival, Senegal, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Guinea, hold good place on the list of the ONMT, indicates the daily newspaper which puts forward the development. Morocco's economic and diplomatic relations with many countries on the continent.


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