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More and more planes landing, more and more people in airports, there is no doubt, tourist activity is gradually resuming in Morocco. In recent times with the coronavirus pandemic, the situation was worrying. But a few days ago, the country reopened its air borders.

Even if the country is still classified orange, the country reopened its doors on June 15. Zakaria Harti, an employee of the Marrakech airport, specifies that "since the resumption of flights on June 15, we have received around 4,000 passengers per day and we hope that these statistics will gradually increase, as other airlines will resume their flights since and towards Marrakech airport. "

The sector is recovering and this is mainly because the kingdom has taken measures to facilitate the return of tourists: health restrictions have been eased, the prices of plane tickets and hotels have been reduced. "I come from London, I have two vaccines and I did not need anything, I just needed to show them my two vaccines, it was indeed very encouraging for us to come to Marrakech", rejoices Tony Kitus. , an Algerian tourist who lives in London.

In Marrakech, on the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square, which had been deserted by tourists, business is also gradually picking up, even if we are for the moment far from the figures of 2019, where three million tourists had visited the city.

"Today we are experiencing the beginning of the recovery of the tourism sector, and this is what makes a set of activities directly linked to the tourism sector, such as air transport, road transport, restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfast, car rental and travel agencies, all are booming. Categories working in these sectors which were suffering, are now seeing the beginnings of hope ", explains Zoubir Bouhoute, who works at the office. of Marrakech tourism.

Tourism is one of the pillars of Morocco's economy, representing around 7% of its GDP. This year, the country hopes to attract more than 3 million tourists for the summer season which runs from June to September.


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