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Travel to Morocco, the entry protocol was updated on November 22, 2021

In Morocco, for tourism professionals it is better to be flexible. The conditions and possibilities of entry into the territory vary from one day to the next without announcement or prior discussion. This Thursday, November 18, 2021, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection updated the new protocol for entering the national territory. There is much new to go to Morocco.

In Morocco, tourism professionals have learned to be philosophical and flexible. The government's instructions have immediate application and no announcement is made beforehand, whether on the closure of the airspace or the new protocols. And this Thursday, November 18, 2021, there is something new, since the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has just unveiled the Health provisions for international travel. While France is still stuck in the famous B list, a ranking depending on the level of risk in the face of the health crisis, new measures apply to French travelers. This update follows the lifting of the curfew and the strengthening of border controls.

Morocco: two telephone numbers to be provided to the authorities

Basically, international travelers arriving in Morocco will have to submit to a common protocol.

Thus, they will have to download or complete (the document will be distributed on board the plane or at the airport) a health form to be given to the authorities.

In it, it will be essential to provide the passenger's address and two telephone numbers to allow the Moroccan authorities to be able to reach him at any time during his stay.

The passenger must be reachable during the 10 days following his arrival on Moroccan national territory.

In addition, travelers will have to undergo a double temperature check upon arrival. This step concerns all passengers, vaccinated or not. Double temperature control is systematic.

Authorities can carry out random checks using antigen testing.

Finally, passengers must respect the measures in force in Morocco, as part of the fight against the pandemic. Wearing a mask is mandatory, as is physical distancing and regular hand washing.

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