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Many residents of Jumeirah have noticed for some time that new, brand new blue parking meters are gradually replacing the old ones. They allow motorists to enter their license plate on a touch screen and indicate the desired parking time before paying for this parking, in parts or using a Nol Card. Good news: it is no longer necessary to print out your receipt and put it on your dashboard since these parking meters are electronically linked to the system of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). An initiative that is therefore part of a more global project of digital transition and dematerialization desired by the RTA but also by the Emirate as a whole.

As a reminder, the Nol Card can be used by users of a large number of RTA services and means of transport, whether it be the metro, tram, bus or maritime shuttles. From now on, this card can also be used to pay for parking. A plan in several phases has also been implemented in order to generalize the installation of these parking meters by the end of 2022.


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