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What beautiful beaches in Portugal and I share with you those I loved, from the best known to the most secret:

If you go to Portugal above all for its culture and its relaxed lifestyle, it must be admitted that the beauty of its beaches has a certain appeal. The most memorable stretches of sand are in the Algarve, in the south of the country. Let’s not hide it, even in summer, the water is often cold! But the landscapes are so superb that the slightly chilly temperature of the ocean is quickly forgotten. The Percurso dos sete vales suspensos (Course of the Seven Hanging Valleys) connects some of the most idyllic beaches, such as the Benagil Cave and the Praia da Marinha. Camilo, Falesia, Rocha, Amado, Odeciexe or Tavira ... Many names are dreaming in the region, but it is not just the beaches of the Algarve that delight summer visitors. Not far from Lisbon, the Praia de Portinho da Arràbia and Praia da Aguda are worth a visit. Surf lovers will go further north on Praia da Nazaré. In the Alentejo region, one discovers with wonder the Praia de Troia and Praia de Figueirinha. Finally, a stay in Madeira cannot end without jumping on the island very close to Porto Santo and its sublime beach.

Praia da Nazaré, Nazaré

Praia da Nazaré may be one of the best known in Portugal, it is never crowded. The lighthouse, the fort, the traditional striped tents ... All its surroundings give it a certain charm. It is especially famous for its surfing competitions where the athletes glide on waves sometimes high of several tens of meters. Not recommended for children for swimming!

Praia da Aguda, Argozelo

A paradise for swimmers, the Praia da Aguda stretches for miles for miles. People come from afar to take advantage of its clear sand and the clarity of its waters. The rocky bottom shelters an abundant underwater life, favorable to fishing. In addition, surfers enjoy the always numerous waves along the shore.

Praia de Odeceixe, Odeceixe

Rather river or sea? La Praia de Odeceixe offers both! This superb beach is located at the mouth of a river where summer visitors like to swim. The landscape is very beautiful with large rock formations that can be seen from the sea by boat. At low tide, lagoons form on the sand and delight the children who play there.

Praia de Portinho da Arrábida

It is one of the most admired beaches in Portugal: the different shades of blue of the sea form a striking and ever-changing spectacle. The Praia de Portinho da Arràbida is surrounded by green vegetation and its seabed is classified as a Natural Park. Snorkeling trips provide an opportunity to discover a variety of colorful fauna and flora.

Praia do Amado, Espinho

Praia do Amado, in the southwest of Portugal, offers a wild and unspoiled environment. This beach is one of the most famous in Europe for surfing. Amateurs and experts come to rub the waves and competitions are held there every year. If you are not afraid of the waves, come and swim there: the beach is beautiful and very extensive.

Praia de Figueirinha, Setubal

Less than 30 kilometers south of Lisbon, the horizon stretches as far as the eye can see when you have your feet in the sand of Praia de Figueirinha. Arràbida mountain is visible in the background and the cove is ideal for swimming: shallow water, no current ... A visible sandbank at low tide makes the beach a small lagoon protected from the waves. To be continued

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