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If you are looking for a quiet place for relaxing moment with family, this is the place! The south of the island still has wild beaches. On the road between Souillac and Le Morne, the southern coastline is dotted with beaches more beautiful than the others. Small stop on that of Rivière des Galets, which as its name suggests, is a pebble beach, far from the photos of beautiful sandy beaches.

This region of the island is mesmerizing. The water is in constant motion.

Rivière des Galets beach is rocked by the waves of a superb stormy sea. The pebbles, polished by the ebb and flow of the tides, are covered with white foam that forms the waves. A sweet smell of sea salt floats in a light breeze that veils the shore.

In week as in weekend, the pebble beach can augur for wonderful family getaways and encourages young and old to indulge in the search for pebbles to make some ricochets. Part of Rivière des Galets is also an ideal spot for surfers. Charming and calm, it invites you to a family fishing or ricochet game.

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