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Tunisia is considered the second world destination in thalassotherapy after France, despite the difficulties of this sector since 2011, according to a study prepared by the national office of hydrotherapy and hydrotherapy on the theme "Market study of the sector Thalassotherapy”.

Tunisia recorded in 2019 the influx of 140,000 tourists to thalassotherapy centers, a figure considered to be low compared to the capacities of this active sector since the early 1990s.

The study aims to set up a marketing strategy for the promotion of the thalassotherapy product with foreign customers, especially European ones.

Indeed, Tunisia was able to ensure in this sector, a very competitive position compared to other destinations thanks to the quality of the services provided, the efficiency of the medical and paramedical framework, the availability of modern equipment, in addition to the geographic proximity. and cultural aspects of European markets, competitive prices and a developed infrastructure.

The Director General of the National Office for Hydrotherapy and Hydrotherapy and Vice-President of the World Organization for Hydrotherapy and Climate Control, Razik Oueslati, underlined: "Tunisia is one of the most important world destinations for thalassotherapy and a pioneer in this field because it currently has 60 therapy centers, which wish to reach 90 centers in 2027. These centers attract around 200,000 foreigners per year without counting Tunisians and providing currency, in addition to opportunities for employment”.

Oueslati added that the authorities are currently working to develop other centers in Bizerte, Sfax and Tabarka, to ensure a presence abroad, to create new markets and to improve the quality of services, a unique factor of progress in this area.

The Director General stressed the need for Tunisia to maintain its place in the field of thalassotherapy by developing the quality of continuing education for doctors and masseurs, to subsidize the materials used because of their high prices and improve the quality of equipment.

Recall that the market study of the thalassotherapy sector in Tunisia is part of the strategic recommendations proposed for the development of the sector by 2020. Its development is part of the missions of the national hydrotherapy and hydrotherapy office as stipulated by decree law no. 2011-52 of June 6, 2011.

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