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Retreat in Mauritius

Retreat and Retired in Mauritius

More and more retirees choose Mauritius to spend their retirement there.

Slighty tax, nice lifestyle, well-developed health system... Mauritius will welcome you with open arms and offers you this retirees Eldorado !

For lower budgets than those of many countries, you can benefit from high quality accommodation, tropical climate, exceptional environment (lagoon, vegetation, beach, ...), many personal services (maids cooker, driver, butler, masseuse…).

And whether you want to come to spend between 3, 6 or 12 months a year, there are suitable solutions for you : medical infra & cover, favorable taxation and another accommodation.

In fact, the new 2020 law makes it possible to obtain a 10-year residence permit for a retiree wishing to live in Mauritius or simply spent more than 3 months in the year.

We have a team that can support retirees on all their steps.

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