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Dubai, which is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, is one of the most important cities in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is undoubtedly a particularly dynamic and international city attracting many expatriates attracted by the Emirates economic dynamism, by the totally tax neutral environment and by the very international aspect of the various freezones.

The real estate projects that we can introduce you are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From small studios to large villas, there is no shortage of real estate investment in Dubai. Many profitable strategies are possible there, whether to speculate, rental invest or live there. Investing in the Emirates offers you many advantages.

Invest in Real Estate in Dubai

First of all, know that buying real estate gives you access to a residence permit under certain conditions. So you can live there or only come on vacation, as you see fit, and travel freely in all Gulf countries. The real estate boom in the Emirates is well and truly back.

It is important to choose your real estate investment well in order to obtain a project delivered on time, of good quality and above all at a reasonable price. This is why Dream Immo Properties has selected among its most advantageous properties in the Emirates.

Whether with cash payment, bank credit or a direct promoter's flexible payment plan, we will be able to advise you step by step on your project and support you before, during and after your investment. We can also put you in touch with our partners to move forward with your project (banks, tax lawyers, insurance, etc.).

Return on Investment Real Estate (ROI) in Dubai

Rental prices are very high in the Emirates, especially in Dubai. Buying therefore allows you to make big savings in terms of rent if you choose to live there or great annual annuities if you decide to rent your property. For example a studio in a prestigious district of Dubai is rented between 3 000 and 6 000 AED per month, knowing that as a general rule the leases are annual.

There is no real estate tax in the Emirates. You can therefore sell and keep all of your capital gain without having to pay part of it to the Emirati State. Dubai is a country where life is good. Do not hesitate to come and visit Dubai.

As a real estate expert in Dubai, we provide you with a French, English and Arabic speaking team to help you find your property, according to your characteristics and budget.

Choosing your property in Dubai is not limited to four walls : you have to favor a quality setting and quality services. Finding the right location is not easy, as the good product.

Our team is at your entire disposal to support you on your project in Dubai. We can provide you information, a visit if you are in Dubai or via virtual tours if you are remotely.

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