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Dubai Lifestyle, between desert Barbecue, Sea trips, Working in a pleasant and dynamic environment… Settle down in Dubai for unique experiences.

Lifestyle, very mild climate, sun, beaches, soft taxes, developed infrastructures… the list goes on.

Dubai can open up more to you than you think ; allied work, leisure and daily pleasures.

Dubai is attracting more and more foreigners to live there. Dubai has its advantages for settling there and living there all year round.

Here are a few listed above:

  • Sun all year round
  • Openness and Respect
  • Security
  • Many activities (sea, desert, parks ...)
  • Cultural life
  • Cleanliness
  • Restaurants (your choice)
  • Modern and high-end infrastructure
  • Gasoline price
  • No Tax (no taxes on income, capital gains, goods and services ...)

Dubai is more like cities as Los Angeles, Singapore…

Real estate constructions often very large, such as the famous Palm Jumeirah, the World, the Dubai Marina or the Burj Khalifa tower which is the tallest in the world. You also have garden villas available if you prefer tranquility and independence. Different real estate opportunities exist in Dubai, especially since price stabilization. You can therefore find your "sweet home" in the many recent constructions attracting international expatriates either to buy or to rent.

Our advisers can advise you on your real estate search and also on the following points (PRACTICAL LIFE) important to your installation :

  • HOME (purchase or rental)
  • WORK (terms and contracts)
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS (landline, internet & mobile)
  • HEALTH (personal or family)
  • EDUCATION (nurseries, schools and universities)
  • OTHERS (restaurants, climates, living standard...)

Become a resident of Dubai and enjoy everything the Emirate has to offer ...

We can assist you for an Investor, Retired or Expatriate residence permit.

Our team is French, English and Arabic speaking.

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