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A good concierge service is an essential component of every well managed business, commercial facility and multi-residential apartment. Dream Immo Services can provide you with well trained and very reliable concierge professionals to handle the everyday operation of your facility.

Whether you want to expand your concierge operations or revamp your existing concierge services, we can provide it for you. Through our network of local and international concierge specialists, we can setup your property with the ideal concierge to serve to the needs of its residents and visitors.

We provide the following specialist concierge services for our clients:

  1. Residential Our residential concierge service is designed to accommodate the needs of residents and visitor in any modern multi-residential facility. Our concierges will act as links between facility residents and help in the creation of a strong sense of community at properties. With our concierges handling your property, your residents will experience a very pleasant living environment.

  2. Commercial Our commercial concierges serve modern services for the proper operation of commercial real-estate properties. Our dedicated concierges will not only improve the value of your property, but will also enhance the marketability of the facilities.

  3. Corporate Our corporate concierges will help ready the right environment for your offices, helping corporations achieve enhanced productivity and a distraction-free office environment. From regular operations, to special occasions, our highly trained concierges have what it takes to add genuine value to your workplace.

  4. Events/Conference Our special events and conference concierges are trained to handle the high demands of handling multiple attendees. With proper planning and coordination with the event managers, we can provide high quality customized concierge services that will ensure the best treatment for event guest and employees.

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