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Dream Immo Properties provides an extensive range of Property Management services by using the most advanced tools and practices to maximize the return-on-investment from your properties. We take the hassles out of the everyday operation of your property, and enable you to attain optimal profitability and productivity. Whether you own a single property or a portfolio of multiple properties, we can provide you the right Property Management solutions for you as well as your tenants.


Efficient Marketing

Whether you prefer short-term tenancy or long-term tenancy, our marketing team will work to ensure that your property’s vacancy durations are shortened. By utilizing high-traffic social channels and classified services, we constantly work to get your property vacancy filled at the soonest possible duration at the best possible rates.

-Regular and Reliable Communication With Clients

Dream Immo Properties makes use of all the necessary procedures to ensure that property owners are constantly informed about their properties. Our team of Property Management experts use the latest technology to update property owners about the status of their properties. Our team of highly-trained staff is always there to answer your queries and exchange suggestions to enable the best return on your investment.

-Timely Rent Collection

Our Property Management Staff will ensure the elimination of the hassles of rent collection for your property. By setting up a proper procedure we will make sure that your rent collection from tenants is always done on time and is conveniently and reliably delivered to your bank account.

-Regular Supervision

Our supervision team regularly makes inspections of all properties, so as to ensure that your property remains in optimal condition and the terms of the rent or lease are being followed by your tenants. The team will also ensure that all the legal obligations and government regulations governing your property are being met. We also hold regular inspections of vacant properties and ensure that they are in optimal condition before welcoming new residents.

-Optimal Maintenance

It’s essential to keep any property in optimal condition to ensure the best returns. Our team of skilled maintenance professionals will ensure that all the necessary repairs are done on time and on a cost-effective basis. With our network of construction professionals and quality part vendors, we can ensure that your property is always in the right condition.

-Reliable Accounting

Dream Immo Properties employs a reliable and transparent accounting system that will help ensure that your income and expenses can always be tracked. We also maintain strict compliance with the government tax regulations.

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